7/20/2011 00:00 - version 1.0.0 is launched

7/28/2011 17:30 - version 1.0.1 is launched

- bugs fixed: 3 column layout in Safari browsers, font-family and size, header image overlap

- changes made: sitemap built, updated privacy policy

7/29/2011 09:00 - version 1.0.2 is launched

-changes made: added main navigation background image

7/29/2011 17:30 - version 1.1.0 is launched

-features added: mobile browser version

8/2/2011 17:00 - version 1.1.1 is launched

-bugs fixed: added fallback "upgrade" page for older browsers, corrected found typos

9/2/2011 17:30 - version 1.1.2 is launched

-bugs fixed: mobile version "News / Blog" link fixed [goes straight to the Facebook page], sitemap code typo fixed

-changes made: "In The Media" page is launched [desktop version only], main navigation updated, changelog updated, sitemap updated, updated the "Latest News" section

9/7/2011 17:00 - version 1.1.3 is launched

-changes made: Added "Buzzards Benefit Cruise" to "Get Involved", changed ftp instructions to be hidden until desired, updated the "Media Kit" with Buzzard material

9/9/2011 08:30 - version 1.1.4 is launched

-changes made: Added an image gallery to the "In The Media" page for the Shave event, added the Fabulous 40rties magazine entry

9/13/2011 13:00 - version 1.1.5 is launched

-changes made: Added ability to have additional flyers to the "Get Involved" page